What is a Chinese qipao?

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What is cheongsam

"Qipao" is a representative dress of Manchu. In Qing Dynasty, Manchu were incorporated into "Eight Banners" (eight military organizations and household registration system named after zhenghuang, Xianghuang, Zhengbai, Xiangbai, Zhenghong, Xianghong, Zhenglan, Xianglan), so they were called "banners". Before the 1950s, Manchu men and women, old and young, wore a special form of long robe called "Qipao. Later, only women wore cheongsam. Nowadays, women's cheongsam, which is close fitting and more feminine, is not only loved by Manchu women, but also won the favor of women of all ethnic groups. As a result, cheongsam fever swept across the land of China.


What is the origin of cheongsam

Cheongsam is a kind of women's clothing full of ethnic customs in China, which evolved from Manchu women's robes. Because Manchu is called "Qiren", it is called "Qipao". In the Qing Dynasty, women's clothing can be described as the coexistence of Manchu and Han. In the early Qing Dynasty, the Manchu women mainly wore long gowns, while the Han women still followed suit. In the middle of the Qing Dynasty, Manchu and Han imitated each other. In the late Qing Dynasty, the trend of Manchu imitating the Han nationality became more and more popular, and even the situation of "changing the half flag dress into the Han dress, and the palace robe being cut into short clothes" appeared. At this time, the fashion of imitating the Manchu dress was popular among some high-ranking officials and ladies.

What are the advantages of cheongsam

1. Graceful and generous, noble and dignified.

2. The design is reasonable and the technology is exquisite.

3. Beautiful body, highlighting temperament.

4. There is no charm. It's traditional and classical.

What should I pay attention to when I wear cheongsam

1、 Wear cheongsam to choose seamless underwear. Cheongsam is not easy to wear. If it is well worn, it will magnify the charm. If it is not well worn, it will expose its shortcomings. Because cheongsam is slim cut, and the fabric is too thin, you must choose seamless underwear when wearing.

2、 When you wear cheongsam, you should pay attention to your hairstyle.

3、 Don't wear sleeveless if your arms are too thick.

4、 The activities of wearing cheongsam should be cautious, not too big step, and properly cover the seat.

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