Types of Chinese Cheongsam

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The origin of Cheongsam

Cheongsam is a historical mark of a period, is the national uniform of the Republic of China, is the most common form of wearing in people's lives. The 1920s were regarded as the starting point of the popularity of cheongsam, which was popular in the 1930s and 1940s, and reached its peak in the 1930s.

Cheongsam originated from the cheongsam, and Beijing is the place where most of them live. So until the end of Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, cheongsam belonged to the Beijing school culture. Qiren's robes in Qing Dynasty include men's and women's gowns. However, since Qipao is women's dress, it can be said that Qipao originated from Qi women's robes.

Features​ of Cheongsam

The appearance features of modern cheongsam generally require all or part of the following features: the open or half open form of the right lapel, the collar button, the side slit, the single piece of material, the waist, no sleeve or short sleeve, etc. Slitting is just one of the many features of cheongsam, not the only one, and it is not necessary. The style of cheongsam is characterized by absorbing western art, which is new and flexible, with strong commercial flavor; it is mostly official style, which is reserved and concise.

The classification of Cheongsam

Cheongsam has various styles and classification methods. Fabric classification, process classification, style classification, season classification, etc. this issue is recommended for the process classification of cheongsam.

(1) According to the classification of open flap, there are usually seven types, including single flap, double flap, straight flap, oblique flap, Pipa flap, curved flap and no flap. Although the overall cut of cheongsam is not changed, the shape of the flap is also exquisite. The discussion on details can also affect the overall perception of women wearing cheongsam. For their face, body shape to choose the appropriate flap, in the selection of cheongsam will not be wrong.

(2) There are many kinds of collar types, and there are eight common styles. General collar, Penguin collar, Impatiens collar, no collar, drip collar, bamboo leaf collar, horseshoe collar, etc. Each collar type of cheongsam has its own characteristics and advantages. When choosing cheongsam, collar type can also be used as a reference factor. Women with short neck are not suitable to choose high collar. For women with longer neck, there are no restrictions and the range of choices is much wider.


According to the cuff classification, the cheongsam sleeves can be roughly divided into no sleeves, shoulder cutting, short sleeves, seven point sleeves, eight point sleeves, long sleeves, narrow sleeves, trumpet sleeves, large trumpet sleeves, horseshoe sleeves, inverted sleeves, etc. In the past, the sleeves of cheongsam were mainly determined according to the weather changes. Nowadays, women wear cheongsam mainly for banquets and other occasions. Younger people choose the last three types, while the older ones mostly choose long sleeves. Usually the long sleeve is 19 to 20 inches (63-67 cm), the middle sleeve is about 16 inches (53 cm), and the short sleeve is 10 inches (13 cm).

(4) According to the button type classification: a line button, Phoenix Tail button, Pipa button, butterfly button, single color button, double color button, etc.

(5) According to the pendulum type classification: wide pendulum, straight pendulum, A-line, train , mermaid pendulum, high low, serrated pendulum, etc.

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